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  • Ian Thompson

Watering the Buffalo

Our buffalo have lived on our Johnston County land for several years. One of them was born there. To them, it's home. When we move them to our new land, we'll have to acclimate them by keeping them in the corral for several weeks until they get used to their new surroundings. That, of course, means that we have to have the ability to get water to the corral.

Last weekend, we taught ourselves how to operate a ditch witch. That was easy enough. The excitement came on the way home, when the tires on our truck blew out, of course, late on a Saturday night. Amy's Dad and Ian tried everything to get the old bolts loose to change the tire, but they wouldn't budge. A 7-foot pipe to leverage the tire iron did nothing but break the tire iron. Sunday morning is a difficult time of the week to find a roadside repair service in rural country, but we did. $500 later, we had our truck back on the road and the ditch witch returned.

Today, our friend Allan Powell taught Ian how to lay Pex waterline. Now, we not only have water available at the corral, but the knowledge to run it to other locations when we need to. Thank you Al!

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