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  • Ian Thompson

Our First Solo Gate

Here is our first gate that we've made by ourselves. Ed and Ian nearly finished welding together the perimeter of the corral this summer. However, there are still a few things left to do to get it ready for the buffalo. One of those things was filling in this hole with a functional gate.

Gates are among the more complicated parts of a corral to put together. Ian had helped Ed build several gates in the past, but this is the first one that we have done completely on our own. Welding is a skill that Ian has started learning just this year, thanks to Ed's patience and good nature. In all seriousness, though, welding can really be a lot of fun as long as you're not getting burned. It's kind of like finger-painting with molten steal. It's fortunate that this kind of welding is fun, because there's a lot of it left to do before everything around the farm is complete.

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