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  • Ian Thompson

Clearing the Fence Row

Today, the Bushwackers Land Clearing crew (of one) arrived. His work is absolutely amazing!

In setting up the perimeter fence that will keep our animals on our land, we have decided to leave the old barbwire fence around our property. This will save weeks of cutting out this old fence free from the trees that have grown into it. It will also help provide a double barrier, to discourage buffalo that might think about jumping over our new, 6ft-tall, electrified, perimeter fence that will soon be installed. The Bushwackers are clearing a 20ft-wide strip of land inside of the old perimeter fence. The new fence will go in the middle of the cleared strip. That will allow us to brush hog on both sides of our new fence, to keep it from growing up in trees. That would not be possible if the new fence were installed right on our property line.

The Buchwackers machine turns everything in its path that is smaller than a 6 inch diameter tree into mulch (see the foreground in the picture). When it comes to dense sawbrier vines, this machine does in an hour what it would take us a weekend to do by hand. After just two days of work, the entire two mile perimeter of our property will be ready for the fencing crew.

We would highly recommend Bushwackers Land Clearing Services to anyone in the Texoma area who wants to hire some land clearing done. Their website is:

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