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  • Ian Thompson

2 Miles of Fencing and a Broken Arm!

Our plans have been coming together quickly. We have a contract set up with a crew from north Texas to build an 6-ft tall high tensile electric fence around our property. We have our fencing supplies ordered. Today, we were cutting out the remaining trees in the fence row. A branch sprung back in a unexpected way and took out Ian's ladder. Thankfully, he got the running chainsaw clear, but in landing awkwardly, we broke his arm. Poor timing for a first broken bone! That's how things go.

It's fortunate we decided to contract the fence work out instead of doing it all ourselves. Ian had arranged to take vacation from work and sign onto the fencing crew to help with the work and to learn how to build this type of fence. Now, he'll have to take a much less active role!

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