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Gallery of Glass

Two million years from now, mountains of trash glass will still be here as a reminder of industrialized society's brief time on this planet.  I make most of my points out of stone, but for the past several years I've been taking increasing pleasure in chipping them out of discarded glass. Glass chips the same way as flint, but one of the challenges is that except for their bases, glass bottles are not made in the right shape to be chipped into points.  A gift of a microwave kiln recently helped us to overcome this challenge.  It now allows us to crush and remelt a significant number of the bottles that would have otherwise gone in our household trash and transform them into material for making points.  Discarded glass can sometimes even have a surprisingly deep connection with the land and traditional culture.


 I invite you to  peruse some of my glass work through the images below.  Double click if you're browsing on a cell phone.


Na Halupa copy.jpg
Pottery copy.jpg
Hunting copy.jpg
Engraving copy.jpg
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