Engraving / Carving

I enjoy carving bison horn spoons and also shell gorgets.  I've held in my hand plain Choctaw-made bison horn spoons from the early 1800s.  One of the images below shows that style, but in earlier generations these spoons were often carved into elaborate shapes.  Below are some of my interpretations as to what those may have looked like.


For thousands of years, and especially the several centuries before European contact, the Choctaw ancestors engraved shell pendants, or gorgets.  The gorgets shown here are done in specific styles that come from the Choctaw homeland.  Some of these shells are extremely hard. The designs are created by making engravings in the shell and then colorizing them with paint made from charcoal and hide glue.  I do all of my gorget work without power tools. 

Use the right arrow on the image below to peruse some of my work in traditional gorgets and spoons.  Double click if you're browsing on a cell phone.

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